Whether or not you can join us on June 24, we encourage everyone to take part in fundraising.

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The money we raise for Serve-a-thon helps cover the cost of putting on the big day; we buy everything from paint brushes to flowers to turkey sandwiches to make it easy for our volunteers. It also empowers us to offer thousands of meaningful volunteer projects all year round, changing the city for good.

There are many ways to contribute to our Serve-a-thon fundraising efforts:

  • Fundraise as a Participant — You’re giving your time, talent and heart to make an impact on Chicago. It’s time to spread the word and raise some funds! After you register for Serve-a-thon, log in and use the tools in your account to coordinate and track fundraising communications to your family, friends, coworkers, spin class buddies and online dates.
  • Donate to a Participant — Show your friends some love by giving in their honor. Search for volunteers by name and donate to their account; your donation will go toward Chicago Cares' total contributions for the event and help participants reach their fundraising goals in the process!
  • Donate to the Event — Want to support this event and the innovative programming Chicago Cares delivers year-round? Make a contribution.

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